On the first day of 2011, I went for hiking with my friends in the morning but I got to finish it as jogging. At that time, I realized ‘Oh, this is what I need to change my destiny the way I want.’ Since I was a kid, I was not good at running or doing some practices in a long time because my lungs are not that strong. I know this prevents me from accomplishing any mission in my life. People say ‘Life is like a marathon’. It is a series of long-term actions.

So at that morning, I decided to start jogging every morning about 2 miles in a near trail at leat for 21 days. Jogging takes about 30 minutes for me. After jogging, I sweat. I can feel my body circulation is activated. Now I keep jogging for last 20 days.

One day, Ilchi Lee said 4 tips for change.
1.Start based on priority
2.Start with what you can afford
3.Start from yourself instead of blaming others
4.Start it now

Also recently he mentioned about ‘Brain Screen’. It is a kind of ‘Vison Board’ in our mind. It is to picture a vision on it and imagine it’s successful accomplishment in advance.

I will keep jogging because I feel it is worth for changing my destiny. I draw an image of my daily,monthly, yearly visions on my brain screen at that time. It is a great moment to start a day. I guess every body has a different physical and mental condition. And a physical body affects the other. Most of us know what exercise are recommenable for our body condition. Let’s start it now~ for our healthy, happy and peaceful life as its master.

Good luck to you~

The eNewsletter from ilchi.com is helpful for giving myself an inspiration in my spiritual journey. Let me share one of messages I recently received.

‘Life is a lonely journey.
From birth to death, it is a lone journey.
People, places, things come and go.
A large part of life’s challenging moments
Must be endured and overcome
With independence.
Such is the fate that no one can escape.

But for an enlightened being,
Who knows the true inherent value of life,
Loneliness can shine brightly.
A star shines alone yet illuminates
The world with its brightness.
Solitude that has a dream and vision
Resembles a shining star.

A life that tries to satiate never-ending desire
Will never be able to satisfy its endless wants.
Such method cannot be a solution to existential loneliness.
Such loneliness is hard to endure in a life that does not know its purpose.’

A Tall TreeIn this morning, I went hiking in a forest in my town. There are many tall trees. One thing interesting is that their branches and leaves are just around its top area of the trees. Because that makes it possible to receive light directly from the Sun. I got to meditate on that more.

‘Plants grow taller in order to receive more light in the forest.’

How about human beings? People want to grow in their level of consciousness. When their level is not high enough, it is hard to say which one is right or not because they are mixed with many other fixed or pre-conception or mis-information. But as people grow in level of consciousness, they become able to receive or recognize the message or pure energy directly from Tao itself.

About 10 years ago, I happened to feel something on my hands. I had never felt it before. It was like a subtle or magnetic feeling. It was so exciting like a person who just opens up his eyes after 30 years of blindness since birth. Everything was amazing. Additionally that sensation told me what was a better choice to me. It was just through my same body. That is a Ki energy sensation.

Ilchi Lee says, ‘when we belong to something, it is hard to look at that objectively.’ When we are hiking in a mountain, it is hard to look at the whole mountain in various directions. If I love to make muscles on my abdomen like six pack to look cool, if I have such an attachment on my physical body, it becomes hard to have objective perspective on my body . A fish can feel the ocean but can not look at it objectively. Because it is always inside of the ocean.

If we want to look at physical world objectively, we have to be free from it. Also it is same about spiritual world. How can we be free from them as a human being having a physical body? Ilchi Lee says, ‘It is possible through Ki energy’. When we feel Ki energy, that is between physical world and spiritual world. We don’t belong to either. As we practice, everybody can choose, feel it. When we look at something in a right way, the sensation responses. We can say it as an insight. We get to see the truth more easily through that sensation.

Everybody has the Ki energy sensation within. Only difference is whether they open up the sensation through proper exercises or not. I wish more people enjoy it and get help from it in their life journey.
Good luck to you~

People like a fun or touching story. If it is a real story, the feeling will be stronger. I like such a story too. When I choose a movie or drama to watch, I usually try to choose what is touching or giving a message.

Recently I heard one story from Korean Ilchi.net. In Korea, there is a festival of Kigong (a practice of feeling Ki energy with gentle movements), where many groups join and express their group Kigong movements. But in a recent festival, the golden prize was given to a special group. They are blind people. When I saw that, I was surprised and felt tears in my eyes. I just saw their couple of photos. I asked to myself, ‘how could they practice Kigong?’,’how deeply they became one?’. And then I also felt a deep gratitude to the instructors. ‘Thank you for giving them such a precious opportunity and giving all of us this feeling of happiness from living harmoniously.’

Kigong of the blind people
Through an Ilchi.com newsletter, I hope more people can get an opportunity for feeling touched.

I like this quote.

“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance” – Oscar Wilde

Many people say,’ love self first before trying to love others’. I’ve heard this many times in many different ways. But sometimes I got to ask myself again. ‘What is the meaning of self love?’ or ‘How can I love self?’

Today is the first day of July, also first day of the second half of this year. I wanted to start a day in a little different way. I went to up to the top of Bell Rock in the morning and looked around. It was so beautiful with the morning’s sunshine as usual. I felt like there is no boundary between the nature and my body. Because of the consistent training of mind-body for many years, I can feel it more easily. The training is Ilchi lee’s signature method of brain education, ‘Brain Wave Vibration’.

Recently I heard the method, ‘Brain Wave Vibration’ is used in a research study on the effects of mind-body training on stress and emotions. I expect many people can say this, “I am who I am, thank you. I will repect you”.

Nowadays I often remind myself of the importance of breathing. Whenever I feel uncomfortable, worried, stressful, tired,… I try to look over how I’m breathing now. In such a negative emotional status, my breath is always a little faster than normal or irregular. Breath itself is a simple symbol of our life and our status of living. Most people experience that their breath becomes faster or irregular as they are in any negative emotion or get older. But when we were a baby, our breath was very deep. The natural moves of babies’ abdomen tells it.

In one of his basic principle book, Ilchi lee says, ‘Breath is a starting stage of our journey to a perfect health. As people recover their right way of breathing, they start to open their sensation of life or Ki-energy naturally.’

We, human beings have 5 senses. But only with the 5 senses, we can be aware of just phenomena, not the reality behind them. People see the moon as full moon or crecent moon as if they exist as an independent being different from each other. That is why we need to devleop another or higher sense. That is the sense of Ki-energy. Through the sensation, it becomes easier to say which is right or true.

Let’s practice breathing and energy exercises everyday. That’s the way to the truth, which is Tao ^_^

Yesterday I hiked in one of trails in Sedona, Fay canyon trail. It had rained just before I started hiking. So there was some mud but the forest smells very fresh and water flows in several place. It is so beautiful specially around the ending point. It looks like the Pandora in Avatar movie. Forest, Water falls, Rocks, Clouds,… everything around me looks very inspiring and spiritual.

After rain in Fay Canyon, Sedona, AZI heard many times those who were enlightened in history enjoyed walking in nature and practiced there. When we practice, we feel easily more deep inside and find there is a pure mind, not separated from nature and people. Then if we nurture it by consistent practice, we becomes satisfied more and more. Because that will be harmonious one.

Nowadays Ilchi lee often says, ‘Do practice, Ki(Chi, Qi,…or Energy)-Gong practice.’ Everybody has a sense of Ki. Everybody can feel it through a simple practice. Through that sense, it becomes easier to say which is right or which is worthy by themselves. Now it is an era of information. There are tons of information in media or internet. How can we say, which is right or good for myself or my family? One of best answers can be this, ‘Through own sensation of energy’. When everybody in the world practice and say what is valuable with their own experience, we will have a really great hope.

Let’s practice consistently, from 5 minutes a day ^_^

When I watch the movie, Avatar, the life of ‘Navi’ people on ‘Pandora’ looks very impressive. Their life looks very spiritual. They respect the nature and communicate with it. They have such a sense for it beyond language. The sense could be said as sense of Ki(Qi or Chi) energy.

In this morning, I did Ki energy practice as usual in BellRock. The feeling is much stronger and better than before. Ilchi lee says, ‘A spiritual person is a person harmonious with others and nature. There is no sacrifice of himself or others. He knows the limit of physical desire or emotion. So he decides with the harmonious mind not physical desire or emotion’.

Mago Earth Park at Cottonwood, AZ

In Cottonwood, AZ, there is Mago Earth Park. One day, I saw a person crying in front of Mago statue, which means the Earth. I felt in my heart she really loves the people and the earth. So I could be more confident on that we, human beings, have a hope.

Mago EarthRecently a public park called ‘Mago Earth Park’ is opened in Cottonwood (next to Sedona), AZ.

It has a ‘Mago Earth’ statue with other saint statues. More than 100 people are visitng everyday and most of them like it because of its meaning for peace on Earth. On the grand opening day, they exhibited the expressions for celebration from local people and other countries. I think people visited here will remember that Sedona or Cottonwood are the place for ‘Peace’, which is the most precious value in this world.

I know there are some people don’t like this park because of their religious faith. I understand that. But as an Earth citizen, we need to admit there are many other religions out there and try to find a way for harmony. Because the world is becoming more open and closer to each other. What will be a solution for the harmony? The answer will be the Earth, on which all of us live together. So if we have the Goddess of Earth, it will be easier to think, pray, and take an action for the Earth, Peace on Earth all together.

Earth Expressions in Mago Earth Park

We live in chaos and crisis like wars, starvation, environmental problems,…. Ilchi Lee says, ‘In order to overcome crisis, we must have ‘hope’. Only those who have great strength through dreams can overcome this crisis.’ I think, he built this Mago Earth Park to give a hope and dream to humanity. Because Mago statue means ‘Earth’.

I think Mago Earth gives us the hope and peace we never have in the history of humanity.